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Daily Brew

- Einstein Dark -
Opens Up Robust with Spice and Fruit Notes with a Clean Finish
- House Blend -
Light French Roast Blend, Moderate Body, Mild Acidity, Chocolate with a Sweet Clean Finish
- Ethiopian Sidamo Decaf -
Medium Roast, Sweet, Spice, Chocolate with a Sweet Clean Finish
- Jamaican Me Crazy -
The Taste of The Islands with Kahlua, Caramel, and Vanilla
- Pecan Swirl -
Caramel, Sweet Pecans, Butter Rum, Vanilla, and Cinnamon


- Espresso -
Double, Triple, or Quad
- Americano -
Double Espresso, Hot Water
- Cappuccino -
Espresso, Steamed Milk, Dense Microfoam
- Latte -
Espresso, Silky Smooth Steamed Milk
- Shot In The Dark -
Espresso and your choice of daily brew
- Breve Latte -
Espresso, Steamed Half N' Half


- Chai Latte -
AppalaChai!, Steamed Milk
- Dirty Chai Latte -
AppalaChai!, Steamed Milk, Espresso
- Steamer -
Steamed Milk, your choice of available flavors
- Appalachian Fog -
English Breakfast Tea, Steamed Milk, Honey


- Decaf Tea -
Lemon Ginger, Vanilla Comoro, Peppermint, Egyptian Chamomile, Red Raspberry, Ceylon
- Green Tea -
Citron Green, Tropical Green, Japanese Sencha
- Black Tea -
Holiday Tea, Peaches & Ginger, Darjeeling, Ceylon & India Orange Pekoe, Chai,
Hot Cinnamon Spice,  Paris, Earl Grey, English Breakfast


- Frappe -
Espresso, Ice Cream or Yogurt, and your choice of flavoring
- Cold Brew -
Single Origin Coffee, Brewed Toddy Style
- Iced Latte -
Espresso, Milk
- Iced Chai -
AppalaChai!, Milk
- Italian Soda -
Club Soda mixed with your choice of flavoring
- Orangeade -
Fresh Squeezed Oranges, Cane Sugar, Water, Ice
- Arnold Palmer -
Lemonade, Sweet Tea, Served Over Ice
- Iced Tea -
Sweet or Unsweet, Black Tea, Seasonal Teas